Our strength: Business and Information Systems

The name Phitech Consulting is an abbreviation for ‘Philosophia Technology Consulting’, because wisdom enhances the effectiveness of technology. Phitech is a consultancy for small businesses. Our strength is in our business expertise as well as technical skill. We help small businesses make technological decisions which we may then implement.


Phitech is legally a sole propietorship, but we are definitely not alone. We are a close team of amazing professionals. Because of our unique skills and drive, we are able to deliver a wide range of solutions that are top quality.

A true star ⭐ in graphic design, printing and typography. With Bromeodesign you are sure to receive a creative, inspiring end product.

A brilliant 💡 business technology expert who oversees complex projects. This specialist has attention to detail and high quality standards.

Situated at Social Impact Factory

We have our office in the building of Social Impact Factory in Utrecht, close to the Central Station. We are proud to be part of a network that pushes for social responsibility, as this is part of our identity.

Image used with courtesy of The Social Impact factory.